Monday, August 31, 2009

Libraries kick ass

Do you love your library? No? What are you, a communist?! Oh wait, libraries are kinda socialistic in nature, so don't answer that question. Still, whether or not you're a communist (I'm not judging), libraries are very cool. They have books, and computers, and helpful people, and those are all nice things, no?

And exactly where is this going, you ask? Well, way back in the beginning of August, Louisville, Kentucky got a lot of rain, (like a ridiculous amount of rain) and their main library was flooded. And when I say flooded, I don't mean a few inches, I mean this:

(Picture from, click to enlarge.)

So that sucks, right? And just to ensure the maximum amount of suckage, they were storing $50,000 worth of brand new computers there for a branch that hadn't opened yet.

So, because this whole thing sucks a lot, and because libraries are awesome, you must make a decision. Are you on the side of suckiness, or the side of awesome? Because if you are on the side of awesome, you should make a small (or large, that would be ultra-awesome) donation to the Library Society of the World's Louisville Free Public Library fundraiser, which at the very least will bring a smile to the faces of the poor people who work there and are dealing with this big ol' suck-fest on a daily basis. This is only a small contribution, but when you're in a bad situation, kindness (and especially the kindness of strangers) can make a huge difference in giving you the strength to push on and persevere.

For more information about the drive, and the person who started it (librarian Steve Lawson): check out this blog post, although it refers to the blogathon that this post is part of, so I hope I'm not getting you caught in some sort of recursive loop. My sincerest apologies if that occurs.

If you'd rather just send money directly to the LFPL Foundation (, here's the info:

The Library Foundation
Attn: Flood
301 York St.
Louisville, KY 40203
(502) 574-1709

PS- Thanks to Steve Lawson and Andy Woodworth for organizing this effort, you both are obviously on the side of awesome. For more info on the LFPL blogathon: