Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Death of Internet Radio?

Just to prove to the naysayers that library's have changed, and are not all solemn, silent, intimidating places, I like to play music at work (ok, that's totally a lie, I just really like listening to music...) So imagine my surprise when I log on to Pandora today, only to find out that today there will be no internet radio. I had heard rumblings of this disaster for a little while now, but I guess the proverbial crap has officially hit the proverbial fan.

As the internetz-luvin' peeps of the world are oft want to do, they are protesting, and there is a website set up to fight the bill. They are encouraging people to contact their congressperson to support the Internet Radio Equality Act (you can find your congressperson's contact info on the site...)

I don't usually weigh in on copyright issues, (I'm a songwriter myself, and I do understand wanting credit and compensation for your work...) but this just seems like another case of the recording industry fighting tooth-and-nail against progress and technology, instead of figuring out how to capitalize on it.