Wednesday, November 13, 2013

this is not a work-related post

It's pretty obvious from my last few weeks of posts that I'm currently binge-watching and obsessed with the show Supernatural. A couple of people mentioned to me that it inspired them to watch/rewatch the show from the beginning, so I decided to feed the mania so you all can be as entrenched in fandom as I currently am. Scroll through the tweets from the bottom up; it will be like we're watching together! (If you can't get back to the very early tweets, which start on 10/13/13 fittingly enough, you should be able to get the full timeline here:

Oh! Also, you're gonna wanna check out all the amazing animated gifs from the show, which I've been dutifully curating on pinterest:
(or, for the even more obsessive of you, dive into this tumblr:

If you know of any fun #spn sites I should add, let me know!