Thursday, July 2, 2015

ankle injuries and horror movies

so yesterday i was laid up with a strained peroneus brevis muscle which apparently is from walking too much on uneven surfaces in crappy shoes with not enough support. i asked twitter for suggestions for horror movies i could watch on netflix or amazon prime, and i figured i'd share the resulting list here, as a reminder to myself, but also for you good people! i should say that i specified that the movies not feature extreme gore or gratuitous violence towards women, because that sort of thing makes my stomach hurt. thanks to everyone on twitter and facebook for your suggestions, it's much appreciated!!!
  • absentia 
  • american mary
  • babadook 
  • conqueror worm
  • dark skies
  • devil's backbone
  • grave encounters
  • harper's island (series)
  • haunter
  • hide and seek
  • housebound 
  • nightcrawler
  • oculus
  • pontypool
  • rosemary's baby
  • the awakening
  • the host
  • the house of the devil 
  • the innkeepers
  • the others
  • the pact
  • the possession 
  • the taking of deborah logan
  • the tall man
  • under the skin
  • what we do in the shadow
ok so that's it for now. i'm also thankful to my lovely internet friends for recommending ankle braces so this recurring injury hopefully decides to recur less often. these are the 2 that people seem to like: McDavid Laced Ankle BraceASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis