Thursday, April 20, 2017

ACRL-NY UX Meeting

On Friday, April 7th, I gave a talk on mobile usability at an ACRL-NY UX Discussion Group meeting. A lively discussion followed about responsive design vs. mobile sites vs. apps. Stefanie Havelka of Lehman College gave some great pointers on conducting usability testing and using the results to justify improving web services.

I also mentioned I'd give links to Nielsen Norman Group's UX articles page, something about service design (the name of which I couldn't remember at the time), and the ACRL-NY UX blog, so here are those resources:

Also, if you liked this talk, and think it would make a good Ignite session at ALA in June, please consider voting for it!

Friday, February 10, 2017


I made myself a "Nevertheless, She Persisted" bracelet last night, and a few people expressed interest in having one of their very own. I'm happy to make and send them to you at cost, which is about $5 per bracelet. If you'd like one, please paypal me the 5 bucks and let me know the size of your wrist, where I should send it, and what kind of beads you want. Here are the options:

(gold, silver or black; square or round)
I stack mine with other beaded bracelets, so if you want a few of those I'll throw them in for 2 bucks a piece. Just tell me what colors you want or if there are any specific things you like, like "sparkly" or "natural stone" or "metal". I also have plain stainless steel chain in fine, medium, or large links.